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About Us

Our mission is to help you live a fit, healthy life, sleep soundly, eat nutritiously, and do the right exercises, for you.

Championing Fitness and

Optimise was born out of a recognition of the lack of holistic fitness services in Phuket and worldwide. Our founder, Darren, with a master's in science in exercise and nutrition, identified the need for services beyond traditional gyms. We focus on physiotherapy, sports massage, nutrition coaching, and more, creating a warm and inviting environment with a team of dedicated professionals.

the optimise performance

It illustrates the priorities that we consider when creating plans for our clients. At Optimise we take the guesswork out and give you a streamlined approach to ticking all these boxes. We know most people are busy so we will create a bespoke solution for you, no matter how much or how little time you have to devote to your fitness and health goals.

Experience the Difference

Take a deep dive into Optimise. Watch our video to uncover the exclusive features that contribute to the Optimise experience, including the friendly atmosphere, evidence-based practices, and stories of triumph that embody our dedication to holistic well-being.

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Our Core Principles at Optimise

At Optimise, we are guided by a set of core principles that set us apart:

Consistent Challenge


We believe in challenging you consistently, promoting growth and adaptation.

Performance Pyramid


Our approach places fitness at the top, supported by nutrition, body maintenance, and the mind

Individualized Pace


Your rate of perceived exertion matters. Work at your pace to get the best out of your body.

Scientific Foundation


We cover the 7 fundamental human movement patterns, ensuring a comprehensive and effective fitness regimen.

Optimisation Defined


Efficiency, quality of movement, and hormone balance are the keys to optimisation. We focus on speed, range of motion, form, technique, exertion, and recovery.

Compound Movements


The three big lifts – squatting, deadlifting, and chest press – form the foundation of our classes and personal training, providing optimal joint resilience and muscular dynamism.

Our Certificates

We invest in continuous learning and development, as evidenced by our certifications.

the studio

Our world-class facility features treatment rooms for our physiotherapy and sports massage services and our personal and group training space. We have the 2 best cardio machines in a Concept 2 rower and Assault Air bike, a lifting platform, power rack, glute machine a.k.a. the Booty Builder, a cable machine, and plenty of kettlebells, dumbbells, bars, and plates.