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Group Classes

small group training

Experience the benefits of scientifically structured workouts that lead to better hormone balance, muscle building, and fat shedding.

Science-Backed Workouts for
Maximum Impact

Optimize provides small group training with a maximum of 6 participants, ensuring individualized attention for optimal results. Explore our 45-minute sessions, featuring the dynamic HIITSTRONG for enhanced fitness and muscular strength, and the rejuvenating Yo-Mo class, blending yoga, pilates, and movement-based training for improved posture and flexibility.



Our HIITSTRONG class increases anaerobic and aerobic fitness resulting in fitter and more resilience. The session will also build core and muscular strength, joint mobility, and dynamism resulting in a lean strong athletic shape. It is suitable for men and women for sports and/or body composition gains.

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core training 00%
Strength Training 00%
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what you can expect in a session

Our HITTSTRONG classes are designed for efficiency and maximum impact. Guided by science, each 45-minute session incorporates warm-up, mobility, strength, and high-intensity intervals. We focus on the right hormonal response, promoting lean muscle tissue retention, fat loss, and overall well-being.



Optimise Yo-Mo is our mobility and core strength class. Every human wants to have better posture, core strength and control and greater flexibility. A weekly or twice weekly investment of the 45 minute Yo-Mo class will help you achieve this. This class brings the best of yoga, pilates and movement-based training to a condensed, great bang-for-your-buck session that will bring instant results!