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Optimise Prime

building better humans by optimising:

respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal systems. hormonal, immune, nervous and digestive systems. energy management and sleep protocols.

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How long and how frequently do you ice bath, do breathwork, sleep, train, meditate? Do you fast or do you eat 5 small meals, how much water should you really drink and what supplements are the best? There are a lot of options and only 24 hours in a day, learn the Optimise Prime Method and takeaway the guesswork!

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fitness and health to the next level

The future of fitness is about you taking control of your health! This is underpinned by understanding how you get Primed for your best life! It‘s not rocket science but actually it is. So it’s not easy and there‘s a lot of pitfalls as many people have already discovered. How many of you have tried the latest class, newest supplement or the coolest new trainer? Did it work out? As we get older we need to get smarter in how we train and look after our health.

The Optimise prime workshop

Our Optimise Prime Workshops cover everything you need to know about what fitness methods you should consider, how to manage ice bathing, breath work, meditation and grounding. We cover the latest on methylation, food and how these holistically effect performance, plus energy management, do you manage your energy or your time and what’s the best approach?

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